The History of Mañana

Those that have come before us.

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The History of Mañana [2001-2003 Refit] [Technical Documents]

History of ownership and names:

Owner Date Purchased Vessel Name Home Port
DeFever Marine Enterprises, Inc. 1970    
Albert P. & Elizabeth C Campbell 6/23/1971 Impulsive Long Beach, CA
Gared N. & Frances J. Smith 3/27/74 Por Nada Newport Beach, CA
UCI Foundation (Donated by Smith) 10/21/85 Gracias  
Bob Ames Unknown Gracias Newport Beach, CA
Thomas E. & Judy L. Blandford 5/28/92 Gracias San Pedro, CA
James O. & Janice McCorison 9/6/00 Mañana Seattle, WA

Tracking the history of a boat is always challenging. Previous owners are deceased, or can't be found, or no longer remember the details. We are fortunate that much of Mañana's history is known. But there are a few gaps. For example, the US Coast Guard abstract of title indicates that the Campbell's named the boat Impulsive. However, when wooding the transom for repainting, the bottom layer of paint had the name "Polar Beacon" painted on it. There is no record of that name, so where it comes from is a mystery.