Our Cruising Plans

Where are we headed? We'll let you know as soon as we figure it out.

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Updated 2/13/08: We are currently enjoying the many anchorages along the Mexican Riviera. Plans (firmly cast in Jello) are to continue north to Mazatlan between now and May. We will cross the Sea of Cortez and hang out in the islands outside of LaPaz and possibly go north into the Sea to Bahia Aqua Verde. Assuming Mother Nature does not throw any hurricanes our way, we will reprovision in LaPaz and begin the Baja Bash in July. We anticipate that it will take about one month to reach San Diego, where we'll spend a few days before we continue on to Washington State. We expect to be back in the Pacific Northwest by October 2008.

As of right now, we hope to continue our cruise north to Alaska in May 2009.