The Crew

The Brave Ones Who Accompany Us on Our Journeys

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Our crew, and constant companions, are our two cats, D.C. and Jerry. They are distinctly different from each other, but get along with each other, and with us, in a wonderful way. We enjoy their companionship and they enjoy the various docks and anchorages we take them to.


D.C., which is short for "Dock Cat", adopted us when we lived on our floating home on Lake Union in Seattle. As you can see from the photo, D.C. has no problem chilling out regardless of the situation. While underway he's typically flaked out asleep on the settee. But once we reach our destination he's immediately out on deck checking out his new surroundings. He's so cute, he even got us free Dungeness Crab at Port Ludlow because a couple wanted to come over and meet him, but didn't want to come empty handed. Good Kitty!

D.C. passed away on 12/26/09. He was 13 1/2.


Jerry was rescued from an animal shelter after he was abandoned. It was immediately clear that he had been abused. After years of love and care he's settled down a lot but is still leary of some strangers. He's been missing half his right rear leg since birth, but that doesn't slow him down. When he gets to rough housing he sounds like a herd of elephants. Jerry's not too sure about being underway. He usually finds a small spot to curl up and hide until the engine is shut down. Then he's out on deck with D.C. checking out his new surroundings.

Jerry passed away on 4/12/10 at the age of 14.

  D.C. and Jerry clearly like each other's company. While not brothers, they've become best of buds. Now if only we could teach them to sleep someplace other than on our legs.