Where Are We

The best navigators are not quite sure where they're going till they get there.
And then, they're still not sure.
        Jimmy Buffett

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Where Are We Now [Where Have We Been]

Whenever we exchange emails via the ham radio, a position update report is sent to an internet server. This position update report contains the latitude and longitude where we are, various weather and/or sea conditions if we provide them, as well as a short text message. There are two different places where you may view this information:

Winlink provides a Google Maps interface to the APRS data. This allows you scroll around, zoom in and out, and display our locations overlayed on satellite photographs.
The APRS reporting system will display a series of maps, each more detailed, showing where we are. Just click on the APRS logo on the left to see our location.
ShipTrak will show a less detailed map of where we are, but will show a series of reporting points which will allow you to see our route. Just click on the ShipTrak logo to see our track.

Mañana's Great Adventure Part II - Updated August 7, 2007

We are on the move once again, headed south for another cruising season in Mexico.


Mañana's Great Adventure Part I - Last Update: October 11, 2004

Mañana's Great Adventure to Mexico concluded on Tuesday, July 20, 2004, when we pulled into San Diego at 1530. We've put 5,500 nautical miles under her keel since leaving Sidney, BC on August 31, 2003. Of those, it's been 3,500 nautical miles since we left San Diego on December 3, 2003. It has truly been a great adventure.